About ProActuary

ProActuary was founded by Suzanne and Mark Farrell, a Psychologist and an Actuary with a desire to help actuaries and actuarial students to optimize their potential through networking, education and personal/professional development.

Suzanne Farrell


Suzanne is a Practitioner Psychologist with 20 years experience working in the education sector. She has specialist skills in individual and group consultancy using solution-focused, systematic approaches to solve complex problems.

Suzanne also engages in research and training in a range of psychological areas.

Mark Farrell PhD FIA


Mark is a Fellow of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries with more than 20 years of global experience working in the actuarial profession. He has worked in London, Dublin, Toronto and Belfast in the fields of pension consulting, life insurance, actuarial recruitment and, most recently, as a senior lecturer in actuarial education.

Mark has a PhD in finance and is a Fulbright Scholar. He has consulted on various actuarial projects and published in numerous actuarial journals/publications. He has also received various actuarial prizes.

ProActuary is based on three foundational aspects that we believe can help actuaries to optimize their potential

They Say

James d'Apice

Commercial Lawyer

"As an outsider looking in, Mark's approach to sharing his knowledge for the benefit of his actuarial colleagues, and anyone who follows him, is - in my experience - unique. I commend Mark on his generosity, his expertise, and his trailblazing approach."

Madina Bolat

Actuarial Analyst - Canary Consulting

"I love ProActuary! The blog posts are written in a language understandable for people starting out in actuarial science. They also bring up topics that are important to know, to stay up to date in the actuarial field such as InsurTech, blockchain and implications for actuaries etc."