Climate Risk and ActuariesAs we come to terms with yet more global temperature records being broken across the UK this week (July 2022) and communities struggling to deal with the impact, here’s a chilling thought:Imagine looking back at this summer in 20 years time as the good old days when summers were cooler and more

Climate Risk and Actuaries

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What to do with an Actuarial Science Degree?

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Why Should you Choose a Career as an Actuary?

“This is a guest article written by Caolan McCarron. Caolan can be found on LinkedIn here.” Thousands of pounds, hundreds of hours spent studying and numerous exams…all for an Actuarial Science degree. So, finding the answer to the question “Do actuaries have a future?” is something I am highly invested in. As I am sure, are

Do Actuaries Have a Future?

“This is a guest article written by Niamh Loy. Niamh can be found on LinkedIn here.” Quick Navigation What Exactly Are Fully Autonomous Vehicles?What Are the Benefits and Concerns of Autonomous Vehicles?Insurance and Pricing Actuaries – Why Are They Involved?Will Other Types of Actuaries Be Affected? In 1886 the first true automobile powered by a combustion

What Will Autonomous Vehicles Mean for Actuaries?