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The effect of ever-increasing technological change in our personal lives and in the workplace is undeniable and unstoppable. We are looking to a future where AI-powered machines will increasingly replace elements of human activity and intervention in a multitude of tasks.The actuary who “leverages their strong statistics and mathematics and competencies to evaluate financial uncertainties

Why Actuaries Need Better Soft Actuarial Skills

For actuaries Excel is a well-known tool. This article will discuss both the benefits and drawbacks of using Excel for actuaries.

Microsoft Excel for Actuaries: Should We Move On?

Do you want to be an Actuary of the Future? Take a look at how you can be prepared for changes to the actuarial profession.

The Actuary of the Future

Will there be demand for actuaries in the future? How will actuarial roles become disrupted? What new opportunities may come their way?

Will There Be Demand for Actuaries in the Future?

The actuarial profession is entering a new era. As the job of actuaries evolves, so does how they prepare for the future? The future is in their hands.

The Actuarial Profession: A Look to the Future

The Last ActuaryThe church was packed.Hundreds had gathered to pay their respects.As the eulogy was being read out, my thoughts began to drift. My father was loved. Eccentric and slightly odd in his ways, but very intelligent and, most importantly, he always acted with complete integrity. Whether it was work, family or community related, he

The Last Actuary