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Networking, Education & Personal/Professional Development for the Forward-Thinking Actuary

The world is changing. Fast. To continue to succeed, we can't afford to stay still. To thrive, we must continually be improving - both professionally and personally. We must master the art of learning and maintain a growth mindset.

Developing a 'growth mindset' and ‘Learning to learn’ efficiently and effectively are key skills in this ultra-competitive world. Not just for passing actuarial exams, but for lifelong upskilling.

We need to improve our ability to cut through the noise, make optimal decisions, work efficiently, avoid distraction and learn to ‘hack’ the system—all whilst staying healthy and sane!

Psychology, technology, awareness, smart learning, leverage and a commitment to lifelong study are key tools in this battle.

Opportunities and choices are everywhere. We are overloaded with information and distraction. Focus is the new currency.

Technology, InsurTech, big data, data science, blockchain, machine learning, AI, IoT, etc. All these things are changing the world, at an ever-increasing rate. Actuaries should keeping aware of, embracing and taking advantage of these opportunities.

We are all in the game of marketing and sales. We increasingly need to effectively sell our employer, our ideas and ourselves. Effective networking is more crucial than ever.

These are things ProActuary aims to help with. If this sounds interesting, read on...

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PROACTUARY testimonials

"Mark's articles always stand out in my LinkedIn feed. He raises important and thought-provoking topics in a manner that's pithy and engaging."

John Taylor

"I avidly follow Mark and read his posts and blogs as he is one of the premier futurists in the actuarial space.  When I read his posts, I am always forced to think differently and that's the sign of a great thinker and writer!"

"To say that Mark is an excellent communicator would be a gross understatement. His engaging style and genuine passion for the actuarial profession - with some diverse life experience thrown in for good measure - make his content the highlight of my LinkedIn feed."

"As an actuary focused on InsurTechs, I learn a lot from the blog posts at ProActuary. But more than that I enjoy the thought-provoking questions that Mark raises and insights he brings from his vast and varied actuarial  experience."

Sumit Ramani FIA, FIAI